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Potentially Joe Ganczar and Christian Seguin

About Us

Joe Ganczar was definitely born right here in Weyburn.

He spent his entire life in the community, whether it was working for his parents and their local business, to helping organize events for the local car club committee. Joe is very much a community man and will GLADLY stop to talk to anyone for hours on end. He even managed use that gift of gab to convince a local Earthling into marrying him!

Christian Seguin settled in Weyburn in 2011 after falling for a Weyburn Earthling.

Christian Seguin was born in Sarnia, Ontario and moved to Regina in 2009 before finally settling in Weyburn in 2011 after meeting another fantastic Weyburn resident. Christian is an Ironworker by trade, but just because he isn’t allowed to enjoy some next world product now, doesn’t mean he hasn’t taken a galactic ride or two.

Invading Earth
Opening A Store

To better understand Earthlings and their ways

Joe and Christian would often meet to discuss “world events”, future plans, community needs, all while enjoying earthly indulgences. When the cannabis laws changed and allowed for your “Average Joe” to be capable of entering the field, our Joe, though not exactly average, decided he fit the description enough to give it the typical earthling try.

Christian being from Ontario heard the words less work and legal pot and said, “Sign me up!” Joking aside, these are two aliens men who saw a need and opportunity for the community, and constantly reinvest into the community. They sourced local businesses for everything from the; building, to the security, to the clothing, to the staff party entertainment/food, even some of the product! We want to bring more to our fellow galaxymembers and our local community.

Now if that doesn’t say, “We come in peace”, we don’t know what does!

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